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This apartment block at 205 Holland Park, London was clad in Textured Glass panels in order to meet strict planning regulations imposed by Hammersmith City Council.  Shepherd Construction, the contractors,  came to us for a solution as they needed to find a glass product with a brick like pattern to imitate the plans that had been approved.

 The project consisted of 100 double glazed units incorporating 250m2 of Textured Glass cladding in Tile design, clear tint with a sandblast effect.

 The original drawings had specified glass bricks, but planning regulations required them to have thermal and sound-proofing properties as the apartment building is situated on a busy Shepherd's Bush roundabout.   Float Glass Design designed a product that was a double glazed unit engineered to achieve the highest sound proof and thermal rating 

The internal sections of the double glazed units were sandblasted to achieve an opaque effect as visibility through the panels was not desirable and each unit had a sound proof interlayer to achieve the rating.

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