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Dichroic Film

Dichroic film can be applied to Textured Glass for a stunning visual effect. Dichroic glass films 'play' with the light, reflecting and bouncing it to reveal a shimmering iridescent colour spectrum.

Dichroic Glass Feature Wall

The wall was constructed of 12 kiln-form glass fins (2.5m tall) with dichroic film to the back face.  Installed at angles to the back wall with a curve at one end to emphasize the multi-coloured facets of the dichroic film which move through the colour spectrum of pink, yellow and blue according to the angle of the light.

Dichroic Glass Panels

Dichroic Glass was used to create a strong focal point for a marketing suite reception area.  We used Bubble textured glass panels with a dichroic film which shines with a multi-coloured iridescent light according to the angle it is viewed at.

Dichroic Glass Screen

This stunning bespoke design referenced the Art Deco style oval mirrors and chandeliers in The Ladies Powder Room of The Grand Hotel, Brighton.  A dichroic detail inserted into the design sparkles and glows in shades of pink, purple, turquoise and yellow.

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