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Bespoke Ranges

Bespoke Glass Processes

At Float Glass design we specialise in a wide number of bespoke glass processes to create a truly stunning and original glass feature. We work in close collaboration with designers and architects to achieve their desired outcome.

Retro Glass

This range of classic REEDED, LINEAR, FLEMISH, MINSTER, WARWICK, G WIRE & CHICKEN WIRE glass is very popular with Architects and Interior Designers who are looking to specify glass that has a retro style look. We can toughen or laminate all our RETRO glass to make safe for use in public and residential spaces and to achieve different coloured tints.


Recycled Glass Slabs

Our recycled glass slabs are made by fusing off-cuts of glass together in the kiln to make a thick slab suitable for bar-tops, kitchen counters, glass shelving, retail display, feature glass, garden sculpture and many other applications. This recycled glass slab is available in green tint, blue tint, grey tint, clear tint and bronze tint.


Glass slabs

Glass slabs are made by fusing several sheets of glass together to make a solid slab. The edge can be polished or hammered for a decorative finish. Used for countertops, shelving, seating , bartops.


Corrugated Glass

We have developed a system for casting corrugated glass for architectural purposes which is safety laminated. The glass can be optically clear, sandblasted or fused with a minimal texture to provide obscurity.


Custom Glass Design

In addition to our Textured Glass range we can produce bespoke textures and designs to create a truly stunning and original glass feature.


Gilded Glass

Gilded glass gives an elegant and decorative effect casting reflected light back into the space. Great for use in dark, intimate spaces or as a main focal point.


Modern Stained Glass

Fused coloured glass is an artistic process which offers a striking and contemporary alternative to traditional stained glass for feature walls and windows. Rich and vibrant colours combine with texture to create a unique feature for churches, hospitals, hotels, offices and residences.


Art Commissions

We have worked on a variety of corporate, private and public art commissions. From impressive fused coloured glass windows for a Sikh Temple to glass art installations for the NHS. Each commission is uniquely created to enhance the environment and experience for the people that encounter it and is designed in collaboration with the client with an evaluation of their specific requirements.


Shaped & CNC glass

Glass doesn't have to be square and flat... we can shape, curve and bend it into extraordinary shapes. These processes require a high level of skill but the end result can be very dynamic.



Sandblasting can be done on flat glass and Textured Glass to add an extra layer of opacity for privacy purposes and diffusing light.


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